߲ݴý is IN! CEO Curt Morgan Joins Disability:IN to Advance Inclusion and Equality

At ߲ݴý, we understand everyone has a role in building an inclusive global economy. That belief is at the heart of our new partnership with Disability:IN, the leading nonprofit for business disability inclusion.

߲ݴý CEO Curt Morgan added his signature to Disability:IN’s CEO letter, calling on other Fortune 1000 companies to take action and advance inclusion.

“At ߲ݴý, success and long-term sustainability are not possible without our people,” Morgan said. “We are committed to recruiting and retaining the best in the marketplace, and that includes Americans with disabilities. These workers bring talent, perseverance, and valuable perspectives to our business, and their contributions to our company and society should be acknowledged and celebrated.”

߲ݴý will also participate in Disability:IN’s Equality Index. The benchmarking tool helps companies create more equitable workplaces and track their progress along the way.

“Inclusive leadership drives sustainable growth and performance by including the estimated 1+ billion people around the world with a disability,” said Disability:IN President and CEO Jill Houghton. “We look forward to working together in building an inclusive economy for all.”