luminant employees pose in front of cemetary

߲ݴý Employees Restore Historic Black Cemetery

When Texan Robert Hornbuckle began tracing his family history, the journey led him to ߲ݴý’s Trinidad Power Plant, in East Texas.

Along with the plant, the property is also home to a historic Black cemetery – the final resting place for several members of the Hornbuckle family, and generations of Texans. Many of the people buried at the cemetery were enslaved, making the site even more significant.

By the time Mr. Hornbuckle arrived in Trinidad, the cemetery had seen better days. He reached out to ߲ݴý, to preserve this piece of history, and a partnership was formed.

Working with Mr. Hornbuckle and local historians, Trinidad Power Plant employees volunteered their time clearing vegetation, removing old trees, and installing a new fence and gate around the cemetery. A ceremony was held in August 2021, to recognize the volunteers who helped restore the land – and the family history held within.

“My great-great-grandfather used to own this property, and my grandfather, John Hornbuckle, was one of the last Trinidad residents to be buried in this cemetery,” Hornbuckle said. “After working with the Henderson County Historical Commission, we believe there’s graves dating back to the 1840s…I’m proud to have worked with the (߲ݴý) team and to see this piece of history preserved for future generations.”