Annette Underwood, ߲ݴý’s Chief Diversity Officer

Annette Underwood – Q&A

Annette Underwood, ߲ݴý’s Chief Diversity Officer߲ݴý recognizes the value of a diverse and inclusive workforce. And that means all the ways we differ – such as age, gender, ethnicity, and physical appearance, as well as underlying differences such as thoughts, styles, religions, nationality, education, and numerous other traits.

߲ݴý Chief Diversity Officer Annette Underwood is leading the way, to create and maintain an environment where differences are valued and respected.  She explains our corporate philosophy in the latest Powered by People.

  1. How long have you worked at ߲ݴý?
    12 years
  2. What is the biggest change you’ve seen in our industry during your time at ߲ݴý?
    The move from traditional fossil fuels to renewables and clean air initiatives
  3. What does the future of the energy industry look like?
    I think the future is bright for those that are paying attention. The image of generation/energy companies is evolving. The public sees more focus on community and the environment. The fact that we are leading the renewable movement is very optimistic.
  4. What’s the biggest misconception about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives?
    That diversity initiatives only apply to certain groups. And to focus on those groups will affect others in a negative way. True diversity is ensuring everyone has opportunity. Not opportunity that is taken from one person and given to another. But opportunity to be seen, heard, respected and to compete in a fair environment. It includes everyone and requires participation by everyone to be successful.
  5. How does building a diverse workforce strengthen a company?
    Everyone is diverse in some way, and that diversity, whether it is diversity of thought, experience or culture, is what makes dynamic teams and creates a sense of value in all employees. The initiatives are to ensure we are getting valuable contributions from everyone. We serve diverse communities of different ages, races, genders, sexual orientation, the disabled and different national origins.  If these diverse groups are actively involved within ߲ݴý, we are providing a product that attracts and meets the needs of all the communities we serve across the enterprise.